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Watch this video and more on REAL SERVER TRAINING

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How to Sell More Drinks and Increase Your Tab

Real Server Training • 4m 20s

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  • How to Serve Entrees and What to Cons...

    This is the general approach and some things to keep in mind when serving entrees.

    I keep track of which plate is going to which seat by relying on numbers: table numbers and seat numbers. This plate is going to seat 3 at table 12 for example. It's never going to the guy in the blue shirt in the...

  • Why and How to Check In with Guests A...

    This is an efficient, seamless way to check in with guests after serving entrees.

    So after I drop the entrees, I take a beat and wait for the table to either acknowledge approval or make a request. Any request that a guest needs to have or enjoy their meal (a fork, ketchup, cook the steak longer...

  • Why Pre-Busing Helps Generate Volume

    This is how to get plates off the table and move customers along.

    So if I'm a customer, I want the plates out my way. I don't want to sit amongst dirty plates that no longer serve any purpose. Some restaurants (and guests) are weird about this. They may want you to wait on every single person to...