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Watch this video and more on REAL SERVER TRAINING

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Why Pre-Busing Helps Generate Volume

Real Server Training • 3m 44s

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    This is an effective, efficient system for servers to pre-bus entrees.

    Here’s the general system I use to pre-bus plates:

    1. Find the plate with the most food on it that you wouldn't be able to stack another plate on top of. It has chicken bones on it, half a burger, etc.

    2. Hold it like you b...

  • Short Rant on Pre-Busing

    Think of this as like an intermission in the series.

    I get quite passionate when discussing the topic of pre-busing. But for real, just get the plates off the table. 😀

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    This is how to approach your guests after they're finished with entrees.

    A note on Unobtrusive Service:

    I'm limiting the amount of interaction that I have with any given table.
    I'm limiting the number of times I approach it.
    I'm limiting the amount of time I spend at the table when I do appr...