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Watch this video and more on REAL SERVER TRAINING

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Getting checks

Dining Experience Lectures • 4m 31s

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  • Saying goodbye


    After dropping the checks, I check with peripheral vision if they've put card out. I don't really want them to see me eager to collect payment.

    After collecting cards/ cash, I go straight to register and straight back.

    I drop the check, step back, pause, and say, thanks for coming i...

  • The server holds the cards


    The only thing I can control is my performance.

    Income generally reflects perceived value contributed to market. I can't extract without contribution.

    By letting go of financial outcome, guests hold no power over me.

  • Excellent service. No more, no less


    The service I provide to every table: Excellent. no more, no less.
    * DOES NOT depend on how much I think they'll tip me.

    If I don't earn much from one table, I relax knowing I'll make more from the next.