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Watch this video and more on REAL SERVER TRAINING

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Saying goodbye

Dining Experience Lectures • 3m 28s

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  • The server holds the cards


    The only thing I can control is my performance.

    Income generally reflects perceived value contributed to market. I can't extract without contribution.

    By letting go of financial outcome, guests hold no power over me.

  • Excellent service. No more, no less


    The service I provide to every table: Excellent. no more, no less.
    * DOES NOT depend on how much I think they'll tip me.

    If I don't earn much from one table, I relax knowing I'll make more from the next.

  • Money is a by-product


    Before blaming the restaurant and its guests, I assess my performance.

    For days you really don’t care about the world nor the people in it, try to perform well for the sake of respecting your own standards. Your performance says more of you than it does of the job itself.

    Thank you ...