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Watch this video and more on REAL SERVER TRAINING

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Systems and Structure Matter: How to Stay Organized

Real Server Training • 4m 29s

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  • How to Organize Orders in Your Server...

    It really doesn't matter HOW you structure your book, but there has to be a consistent structure – a system of sorts.

    Writing randomly all over different sheets a paper is a great way to create anxiety for yourself.

  • How to Carry Three Glasses in One Hand

    Surprisingly useful skills outside of just restaurant work.

    Take the time to learn to carry 3 glasses. Better yet, 5. Trays are fine if you're comfortable with them (and possibly required at your restaurant), but using your hands to carry 3-4-5 glasses out is simply faster.

    This is a surprising...

  • How to Carry Multiple Wine Glasses

    Some basics on carrying wine glasses -- not exactly perfect standards but a reasonable start.

    DISCLAIMER: Real Server Training is not for fine-dining and not focused on teaching the highest standards of wine table service. It's a basic guide for most servers working in most restaurants. The aim ...