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Watch this video and more on REAL SERVER TRAINING

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Why and How to Check In with Guests After Serving Entrees

Real Server Training • 5m 4s

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  • Why Pre-Busing Helps Generate Volume

    This is how to get plates off the table and move customers along.

    So if I'm a customer, I want the plates out my way. I don't want to sit amongst dirty plates that no longer serve any purpose. Some restaurants (and guests) are weird about this. They may want you to wait on every single person to...

  • How to Pre-Bus Plates: An Effective a...

    This is an effective, efficient system for servers to pre-bus entrees.

    Here’s the general system I use to pre-bus plates:

    1. Find the plate with the most food on it that you wouldn't be able to stack another plate on top of. It has chicken bones on it, half a burger, etc.

    2. Hold it like you b...

  • Short Rant on Pre-Busing

    Think of this as like an intermission in the series.

    I get quite passionate when discussing the topic of pre-busing. But for real, just get the plates off the table. 😀

    *If you're interested in boxing, I have another series I put together on some basics. I deliver all instruction in Chinese, but...