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Watch this video and more on REAL SERVER TRAINING

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Short Rant on Pre-Busing

Real Server Training • 59s

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  • What to Do When Checking on Guests Af...

    This is how to approach your guests after they're finished with entrees.

    A note on Unobtrusive Service:

    I'm limiting the amount of interaction that I have with any given table.
    I'm limiting the number of times I approach it.
    I'm limiting the amount of time I spend at the table when I do appr...

  • An Alternative way to Approach Desser...

    I don't always encourage upselling after entrees... but it depends.

    I'm happy to get people dessert, I just don't encourage it. It's often way more advantageous that I clear that table and focus on starting a new tab with a new table.

    Just a reminder, this is higher-volume, more casual restau...

  • How to Deliver the Check

    Getting close...

    When I'm doing my last pre-bus at a table, I'll check in with them and see if they're done or need anything else. Remember, I strive to approach the table as few times as possible and get as much done as possible with each trip.

    Now if they do order another drink, and Iā€™m sla...