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Watch this video and more on REAL SERVER TRAINING

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An Alternative way to Approach Dessert Orders

Real Server Training • 2m 1s

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  • How to Deliver the Check

    Getting close...

    When I'm doing my last pre-bus at a table, I'll check in with them and see if they're done or need anything else. Remember, I strive to approach the table as few times as possible and get as much done as possible with each trip.

    Now if they do order another drink, and I’m sla...

  • How to Bus Tables and Think about You...

    Thank you for your service.

    Here's the number one take away from this video: don’t worry about the tip.

    But there is one condition: you’re providing good service. If you’re consistently getting terrible tips, you need to assess your performance. I knew when my service was good, and I knew when ...

  • Complete Dining Experience with Expla...

    Breakdown on Each Stage of Dining with Guest Interaction.
    This is high-level overview and designed to give you an idea of what serving in these kinds of restaurants may look like. It's not an exact guide - you'll have to adjust your service/ interactions to your restaurant, table, shift, etc.