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Watch this video and more on REAL SERVER TRAINING

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A template for greetings guests

Dining Experience Lectures • 4m 46s

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  • Please keep in mind...


    Why do I have a general, flexible template for how I greet tables?
    Situations vary and warrant varied responses.
    So that my delivery is not so scripted that it sounds robotic and stale.
    So that I'm not having to make up something new with every approach.

  • Transitioning into drink orders

    I view my relation to the guests as relatively equal; both humans worthy of respect but in different roles. They're my guests, I'm their host; the inverse could be true tomorrow if I visit their place of business for a desired service.

    Before asking about drinks, I try to establish so...

  • Getting drink orders


    Guests are often more interested in drink recommendations after they've looked over drink selection.

    If guests don't need time to look over bar selection and know what they'd like to drink, I put the orders in and often serve waters while waiting on bar to make drinks.
    *Be mindful, h...