Real Server 101

Real Server 101

Tutorials on basic job functions

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Real Server 101
  • Why appearance matters

    I know - not the most exciting topic and you probably know this already, but I want to make sure we get this. Your restaurant's management, coworkers, and guests will judge you based on your appearance before they even consider your competence and wonderful personality.

    The guests' p...

  • Actionable tips

    Two most important aspects of clothing: 1. Clean/ neat/ pressed 2. Fit well

    What ties your outfit together? Your pants. For real.

    What are your guests seeing up close every time you serve a plate/ glass? Your nails. Think about it.

    Once more, it's about looking put together. Simply ...

  • How to organize orders

    It really doesn't matter HOW you structure your book, but there has to be a consistent structure -- a system of sorts. Writing randomly all over different sheets a paper is a great way to create anxiety for yourself.

  • How to carry glasses

    Take the time to learn to carry 3 glasses. Better yet, 5. Trays are fine if you're comfortable with them (and possibly required at your restaurant), but using your hands to carry 3-4-5 glasses out is simply faster.

    This is a surprisingly useful skill in daily life too....

    I don't believe there ...

  • How to carry plates

    Take the time to learn to carry plates right. It'll save you time in the long run, and you won't ever need to be anxious about dropping plates at work.

    Thumb and pinky are spread wide and hook over the edges. Then my middle three fingers are spread out underneath which hold the weight along with...

  • How to carry trays for serving entrees

    I don't love trays and this restaurant required use of trays to serve entrees.

    I was horribly nervous until one moment I decided it's possible I'll drop all the food, it'll be a huge mess with a ton of noise, the kitchen will freak out having to remake the entrees, the guests will be pissed hav...

  • How to pre-bus entrees

    Here’s the general system:

    1. Find the plate with the most food on it that you wouldn't be able to stack another plate on top of. It has chicken bones on it, half a burger, etc.

    2. Hold it like you brought it out -- thumb and pinky hooked over edge with three fingers underneath. Your palm is su...

  • How to bus tables

    All that is left on your table should be linen and glassware when your guests leave.

    Better for guests and whoever is pre busing this table as it's not guaranteed to be you.

    Recognize that nothing magically gets done. Someone has to do it.

    So when you don't pre bus and leave a disaster on yo...

  • How to polish silver

    A Mexican kitchen gangster once taught me how to do this right.

    Ever since, I've looked down upon those who can't match my output and perfection. :)