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Things to Consider When Setting Tables up for Appetizers

Real Server Training • 1m 57s

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    Helping guests make decisions.

    So I often offer recommendations when I deliver drinks. At that point it's often too soon to take entree orders and serves as a good transition if they don't want an appetizer.

    I don't ask about appetizers when I take drink orders, but if they order one then, that...

  • How to Efficiently Collect Entree Orders

    This is how to efficiently collect decisions and prepare your table for seamless dining.

    I prioritize unobtrusive service -- interrupting my guests as little as possible.

    They’re here to enjoy each other’s company and be taken care of... not to hang out with me. Occasionally, guests do seem to ...

  • How and Why to Prepare Tables for Ent...

    It's more in consideration of my coworkers.

    I typically don't rush to clear appetizer plates off of a table the second they finish. BUT I am sure to get them before the entrees come out. You should know about when your food is going to come out if you've been working somewhere long enough. Eithe...