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Watch this video and more on REAL SERVER TRAINING

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How to handle guest requests

Dining Experience Lectures • 4m 34s

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  • When, why, and how to pre-bus


    After serving plates, checking in, and knowing everyone's happy, I leave them alone to enjoy it, but continue scanning the table.

    Some restaurants will require you to wait for every person to finish completely before pre-busing. If that's their policy, you'll respect that. But I get ...

  • How to turn tables


    Pre-busing entrees helps me move guests through, generate volume, and better scan tables.

    I make more sales and thus greater income NOT by identifying tables that are likely to spend more and really investing myself completely into that one table, but by providing attentive service t...

  • How to sell dessert, how not to sell ...


    I sell dessert the same way I sell appetizers. Would you like me to get you some ice cream? (for example)

    If I sell dessert, it's my responsibility to get the table to set up to receive the dessert.

    I don't always offer dessert depending on situation. If I need the table for another...